Tuesday, December 21

Ornament Party

I sat down to write this and realized you aren't mad. You are not going to plan and host an ornament party 3 days before Christmas. So I'll just tell you it was great fun and I would definitely host one again. I'll remind you about it next year in plenty of time so you can plan yours. Here are a very few pictures from ours. It was impossible to photograph and help the girls too!
Ornament Party
Christmas Star Cookie Ornaments
Feathery Angel Ornaments
Child Drawn Christmas Ornaments
Ornament Party
Just in case your kids are, oh, I don't know, driving you crazy while you're trying desperately to finish up your holiday to do list, here is a list of printables. These should keep 'em busy for a whole 30 minutes (hopefully more, if you're lucky!)

Twas the Night Before Christmas Fill-in-the-blanks

Christmas Fairy Box

Christmas Secret Message

Snowflake Fairy Coloring Sheet

Poinsettia Fairy Coloring Sheet

Charlie Brown Christmas Coloring Sheet

Dress Frosty Activity Sheet

Elf Spot the Difference

Good Luck!


se7en said...

Ooooh!!! Love your printables!!! My two little girls are printable mad and they will love these... I try and remember to leave a printable out for them on the table for when they wake up each morning!!! Otherwise your party looks so fun... we will be partying tomorrow afternoon... We love Christmas craft parties too... here's our post on Christmas crafty parties: http://www.se7en.org.za/2008/12/05/clearly-christmas-a-kids-christmas-craft-party-in-se7en-steps

Cassi said...

I totally appreciate your madness, I've been there too ;) I'm sure everyone enjoyed making all those cute ornaments!

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