Tuesday, February 8

Crazy Valentine

Making Valentines
So, I started out with, what I thought was, a GREAT idea for Valentines this year. The girls immediately rejected it. I did not see that coming! They are usually so gung-ho for whatever craft project I dream up. Eva did relent long enough for me to take her crazy picture but after seeing the end result she decided it was too embarrassing. Too embarrassing?! I guess she is growing up, at least for that moment anyway.
Crazy Valentine
Valentines' Day Card

Perhaps your child will think this card is the bees' knees so here are the construction details:

1) Take a picture of your child in a crazy pose.
2) Print a copy of the picture from the computer. I just used regular computer paper but photo paper would work too.
3) Cut out around your child. *I'm sure this could be done on Photoshop.
4) Glue your child's picture onto a card.
5) Add googly eyes.
6) Glue or stick on a speech bubble* with the sentence "I'm crazy about you."
7) Alternatively you could write on the front : Hey Valentine, on the inside: I'm crazy about you.

* I bought a pack of stick on speech bubbles at Urban Outfitters last summer but you could easily make some out of paper.
Crazy Valentine
Three eyes, nothing crazier than that.
Wouldn't you know it once we started making regular Valentines Eva decided the crazy card was "hilarious" and wanted to make a few more to give to her crazy friend and teacher.

Valentines' Day Cards
Audrey stood her ground. No crazy Valentines for her. She did have a wonderful time making some her own, own way.
Making Valentines
Making Valentines
Making Valentines
Making Valentines

Here are a few other Valentine ideas from previous years:
Love Note Pillow
I-Love-You Garland

Parent Map has a list of 15 must have Valentine's Day Treats. Thrilled that my Circus Animal cookies are included.

I am seriously swooning over these darling shirts from The Artful Parent. So cute! Don't think I'll get to making them this year. Maybe you can! She made pillows too.


molly said...

i think they're awesome, for what it's worth!

Amanda said...

So cute. The googly eyes crack me up!

likeschocolate said...

Super cute! Happy Vanlentines Day!

Portland Sunshine said...

so so cute!


Dana said...

I love the "crazy" Valentines, but I think my girl might react the same way your girls did. I won't have time to check this year -- not to mention I haven't had a working printer in my house in years! Ugggghhhhh. . .

mmegoudarzi said...

whacky moms, whacky valentines : )
brought a giggle and smile to me.
hope all is well...are you still doing quilts? they are amazing by the way...fabric engineer that you are!
i'm inspired to do...something!: )

Portland Sunshine said...

a year later, i couldn't stop thinking about how cute yours were. we made 'em this year. thanks!


Portland Sunshine said...

sorry - real link - http://portlandsunshine.blogspot.com/2012/02/im-crazy-about-all-of-you.html

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