Wednesday, April 13

Making Babies

Mini Brioche
No, no not the human kind, the brioche kind! It started with a high pitched squeal when I spied, what can only be thought of as, the cutest bake ware ever - mini brioche pans! Actually I saw the mama first and then I saw her babies. I think I yelled out at no one in particular - Look at these baby brioche pans!! Had to have them. Never made brioche before. Never really wanted to. Still scared of yeast dough. None of it mattered. At 97 cents a piece these babies were coming home with me.
Mini Brioche
So far I've tried 2 different brioche recipes. I'll tell you about them tomorrow. Or the next day. I'm pretty unreliable these days.
Mini Brioche
In the mean time just feast your eyes on some serious baby cuteness.
Mini Brioche
Tell me, what is it about miniature things that makes them so darn cute?
Mini Brioche
Hmmm. I don't know. I just know they are somehow irresistible.
Mini Brioche Pan
Do you own any miniature bake ware? Tell me about it -


Tara said...

Love those cuties! And some good news...QFC at U Village carries Cremant! More than one kind! And I now have a big bottle of Aperol. Looking forward to a sunny day spritz with you! XO

Road Trippers said...

Piper has gotten 2 miniature bake sets for past birthdays. They come with miniature recipes, of course, and like you, I ADORE them. Our favorite is the mini Mississippi Mud cake. It is adorable and delish.

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Anonymous said...

I have mini cookie cutters, they are card suits and a moon stars- I adore them! palest pink icing and a silver casous and they are dreamy.

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