Friday, April 15

Springtime in Luxembourg

I know I promised you brioche. I also told you I'm unreliable. So a post about spring should come as no surprise.

Spring is here. Not just signs of it, it is really here. I think this is the first year I really paid attention to spring in Luxembourg, at least to what exactly is blooming. Have a look -
Forest Flower
~~Snowdrop Anemone~~ These cover the forest floors right now. Just magical!
~~Daffodils~~ Fields of them!
Magnolia Sky
~~Magnolia~~ But I already told you about those.

Truth be told, in the week or so it took me to gather these pictures, the magnolia blossoms have started to drop, the forsythias fade and the daffodils are on their way out. But, yesterday I noticed lilacs with bursting buds and bits of yellow peeking from the rapeseed plants.

Spring in Luxembourg is here. I'm glad I noticed.


se7en said...

Love the daffodils under that big old tree... oh happy spring to you!!!

likeschocolate said...

I love lilacs. I wish we had them here in Georgia. Their fragrance is amazing. Happy Spring!

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