Monday, July 18

Addi Luxembourg #2

Forest Fit
Addi Luxembourg!

Oh my wonderful exercise group - Forest Fit! I will miss it terribly. The forest, the exercise and the great company of the other participants proved to be a winning combination.
Forest Fit


Anonymous said...

Hi. I've discovered your blog a few weeks ago and am loving it. Too bad you gotta go back to the States. I'll keep digging into your blog as u mention really good tips, the latest being Forest Fit. I've never heard of it even if i live close to Bambesch !!!! so thx again. have a safe trip back home.

Emily Malate said...

this has got to be the coolest exercise class I've ever heard of! It's like being little smurfs or wood pixies on an adventure!! Your addi entries are just too sad!

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