Thursday, July 7

Little Difference #39

Little Difference #39 - Pizza

You can get some delicious pizzas here in Luxembourg. The interesting thing is that they don't come sliced. What you'll get is a pizza on a plate, a fork and a large steak knife. Pizzas are eaten with knife and fork, one bite at a time. Talk about labor intensive. As my friend Jennifer said, I don't eat pizzas here they are too much work!
I do eat pizzas here and, yes, they are a lot of work. But I like that I'm slowed down. My meal lasts longer and I enjoy it much more. Honestly, I end up eating some bites with a fork and knife and some with my hands. Now that I feel more comfortable here I'm not so worried about following the rules.
Not only are pizzas served whole they are always served individually. Each person gets their own pizza; there isn't one large pizza for everyone to eat from. In the US pizzas are ordered in small, medium or large. A large pizza would feed a family of 4. If a pizza is meant for one person it would be listed as a "personal" pizza. A Dutch friend was vacationing in Florida and ordered a large pizza for herself as she was very hungry. You can imagine how surprised she was when the ginormous, meant for 4, pizza arrived.

BTW, my favorite pizzas here are Pizza Diavola (comes with spicy salami) and Pizza Rucola (comes with fresh arugula and Parmesan shavings.)

What about you? Pizza with a fork & knife or is pizza a finger food?

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Alex said...

Those pizzas look goooood! Where were you? I am on a mission to find the best pizza in Lux. Top of the list so far is Bacchus or Dal Notaro, but they look nice and crispy.

likeschocolate said...

Little difference post are some of my fab post of yours. They will be missed when you move back to Seattle . Did you ever mention grocery bags as a diff or having to weigh own produce?0

Little Wonders' Days said...

Boy, do those pizzas look delicious! Well worth slowing down and enjoying I bet. I love your little difference posts.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

australia is same as the US as far as pizza is concerned.. but boy do I want to eat those pizza's shown. I shouldnt read blogs when hungry.. Im salavating :)

Anonymous said...

Could you give us the name of the pizza place ? looks SO GOOD !!!!!! :))

katy said...

Alex - Have to admit I took these in Italy - Florence, I believe. But it is totally possible to get an equally gorgeous pizza here. My fav places for pizza are: Trattoria Antica in Merl (I always get the Rucola pizza there,) Osteria Del Bivio in Schuttrange (get the Diavola here) and De Neie Lomperang in Hesperange. I'm forgetting one. . . maybe it will come to me later.

Dana said...

Yum. . . same here :) We've started to get ours to-go quite often, and even have a guy right down the street who will DELIVER! I never in a million years imagined it possible in Italy, but, yes, it's true.

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