Friday, July 8

To Say Goodbye

picture frame
The girls worked hard on these goodbye presents for their friends. First they painted their frames using one color (not Audrey, she characteristically did it her way!) Next they added detail with paint pens. Lastly we covered the frames with modpodge to add shine and make them look more finished. The trickiest part of this project was remembering my camera so I could get a picture of the girls and their friends!
The girls are very proud of these. Now we're waiting for the perfect time to give them.
picture frames
picture frames
picture frame


se7en said...

What sweet frames!!! The bittersweet of a time well spent... happy to be going home apart from the good-bye's I bet!!!

likeschocolate said...

Their friends will love them.

Lena said...

Between reading this and your "boxes" post, I am feeling the emotions for you! :) I hope it is a sweet ending and beautiful beginning to the next chapter.

christie said...

I feel sad too...I will miss traveling to the pink
house. Love the frames..good job girls.

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