Monday, August 29

Summer Summary or

a bunch of blog posts thrown together into one.

Poor, neglected blog I do apologize for my unplanned hiatus. I'm back now to tell you where I'm been and to promise to never, ever disappear like that one you again. Now, in no particular order here is my August and some bits of July just for good measure:

5 Cake
:: A little angel I know turned 5!

Tree House
Tree House Ladder
A snake and a skink
:: The annual Pine Cone Drive-In at my in-laws was as wonderful as ever. Movies under the stars, matching cousin outfits, one brave soul who unearthed a snake and a skink, a slip and slide and sleeping in a tent. Good times! Oh, did I mention the tree house?!?! So, yeah the Grandparents surprised the grand kids with a tree house this summer. Not joking. Pretty amazing, huh?

:: I went to my 20th high school reunion. Did I say 20th? Pretty sure that is a typo.

:: My SIL took us to the most amazing blueberry farm. It is on Pine Lake in Sammamish. It is an organic farm that operates on the honor system for paying. Berries are $1.25 a pound. Did I just say $1.25? Yep. The bushes are loaded with berries. Other than going on the hottest day of the summer we had a great time. Now if I only had my blender so I could make some smoothies.
Harbor Seal with Salmon
Beach Rocks
Oyster Catchers
Backyard Fawn
:: I took an amazing weekend trip to San Juan Island with a few friends. We enjoyed our coffee while watching harbor seas frolic in the bay, eagles fly overhead, and a family of deer resting in the front lawn. Not exaggerating any of it. Came home with an awesome souvenir - a bald eagle feather!
:: Bryce and I took the kids down to the new(ish) park on South Lake Union for a picnic and a sprint through the fountain there. I just love what they've done with that area. We had a wonderful time.:: In between activities I've been agonizing over paint for our kitchen (which is soo close to being finished.) Looking for a blueish gray that reads gray first, blue second is much harder than you think. Lucky for us the tile showed up and this lot had no blue tones so we went with a *gorgeous* warm gray from Benjamin Moore - Revere Pewter. I've almost gotten over all the time and energy I wasted on my blue/gray quest. Almost. Now onto the living room, entryway and our bedroom. Any color suggestions for our bedroom? No blue or gray.

:: We're still in corporate housing, waiting for our shipment. Fingers crossed it arrives in the next few weeks.
:: We are so in love with Seattle and have enjoyed seeing all the familiar sights again. Mount Rainier has never looked prettier. We've been to local zoos, beaches, lakes and wading pools with friends and family.

:: My cousin has been hosting her Wednesday night dinners and they've been so fun. So far there has been a luau, Americana, Greek and a slider evening.

:: Only a few more days of my Hipstamatic August.

I hope you've had a wonderful summer! Leave a comment and let me know what you've been up to.


Emily Malate said...

that tree house is amazing!! I bet those little woodland pixies love it!!!

Emily M. said...

we moved back to seattle this summer too. :) and my blog has also been pretty neglected. hoping to get back into the swing of things soon!!! can i ask the name of the blueberry farm you went to? wondering if they have any berries left! sounds like you all are having a great summer!

se7en said...

Wow... I bet it is great to be back with your family and familiar, after all that adventuring!!! Lovely to hear from you!!!

likeschocolate said...

That is so great that your parents built or had built for the grandchildren a treehouse. Super cool! Hope you get permenate housing soon. Happy birthday to your 5 year old. I remember 5 it was one of my favorite birthdays. Next July you guys will have to visit the Lavender fields. Have you guys had a cupcake at Trophy. It is going to be my first stop when I get off the plane in a couple of weeks.

katy said...

Emily M - I tried to Google the location for you, but nothing is listed. I think you should figure out how to get to Pine Lake in Sammamish and then go from there. The sign just said, Pine Lake Organic Blueberry Farm. Better yet, let me ask my SIL for more specifics. I'll be back.

Potters said...

Love the cake, very cute! And what lucky girls to have a treehouse!

Unknown said...

that tree house looks amazing! and we'll have to try the blueberry picking next summer. though i'm not sure how I'll account for the berries that T would eat as she goes along ;)

Monkey's Mama said...

How about green for the bedroom? So many ways you can go with that. Or maybe a brown. Our bedroom is blue!

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