Wednesday, August 31

August 31st

Lake Alice
 I posted my last Hipstamatic August photo to tumblr this evening.  I enjoyed it.  I started to get the hang of Hipstamatic as the month went on and I think my pictures got better. I'll keep that tumblr blog going to post the occasional Hipstamatic photo.  An acquaintance, who is a self described photography snob, feels that the Hipstamatic app is just a way to make a crappy photo look okay.  I can see what she is saying, it is a very forgiving method of photography but I think Hipstamatic is fun.  For those of us who do not have the technical skills to add textures and interesting edits to our pictures, Hipstamatic is a great tool.  And besides, I think the pictures can look really cool.  And, there again, for those of us who lack that attribute this is an easy peasey way to approximate cool.  I'll take that.

What do you think - Hipstamatic cool and fun or gimmicky and lazy?  Eagle feather


Megan said...

Even as someone who has exhibited their photos, I LOVE the hipstamatic app!
I agree with you, it's a great way to add interest to your photos without post processing them.
I'm doing my project 365 photos using hipstamatic (helga lens and the dream canvas film) you can see my collection here:

I love that you switched up what lens/film combos you used! Do you have a favourite?

The Expatresse said...

I LOVE the Hipstamatic app. I think it is great fun. I like Instagram, too.

Jennifer said...

i am on that side of the fence too. i'm a bit of that snob that thinks creating photographic art means sitting down and walking through the editing process feeling the textures out, playing with them and knowing that yes, this one, will make the photo. i don't know why it makes me jealous that just anyone can make photos like that with a click of the button.

perhaps it is how my grandfather, a great hobby photographer who used to have his own dark room feels about digital cameras?

regardless, perhaps i am just jealous that i cannot get hipstamatic on my blackberry. yes, it's made me dream of upgrading to an iphone. if only.

Dana said...

Cool is relative.
Just go for it. . .

Have you seen Instamatic? It's my new fav.

Dana said...

instagram . . .
sorry, got that wrong.

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