Sunday, September 11

Do the Puyallup

Fair Scone
We took the girls to the Puyallup Fair this weekend.  The Puyallup Fair means one thing to me - scones.  Fisher scones are a Fair tradition.  Their tender pastry and generous dollop of raspberry jam are worth making the 1 hour trek down south from Seattle.  Let me tell you, they did not disappoint.
Fair Scone
Many people have a favorite Puyallup Fair food, the scones just happen to be mine.  There are hurricane burgers, krusty pups, curly fries, grilled corn on the cob, funnel cakes and elephant ears.  Speaking of elephant ears, Bryce uncharacteristically bought one. We watched as they stretched the dough, threw it in the deep fryer, slathered it with butter (not joking) and sprinkled it with cinnamon sugar.  Then the four of us ripped off pieces and indulged.  I'm pretty sure I could hear Dr. Oz crying in horror in the background.
Elephant Ear
But, it was the fair and at the fair you eat fair food.  We did more than eat, though.  There were a few rides, a trip into the Hobby House to see the collections, a visit to the 4H cats and a quick dash through the quilts.  We also talked about Scheuberfour in Luxembourg, the annual fair (really more of a carnival) we visited when we lived there.  The potato pancakes, curry wurst, cremant & beer stands seemed like a distant memory.  The one thing the fairs did have in common though was the expense! 
Do the Puyallup
We came, we saw, we ate - we Did the Puyallup!


Leslie said...

i miss the Puyallup fair!!! those scones are the best ever....sometimes i get cravings for them. now that my sister is back in Seattle i can have her send me the mix.

likeschocolate said...

That is one of the largest elephant ears I have ever seen. Holy yummy!

Christina said...

Tell me: are your scones like our British scones which we tradionally eat with clotted cream and jam? I didn't know you had these too! Whilst in California this Summer, I had to try your 'biscuits' which were more or less like our scones, maybe a littly saltier....Can anyone enlighten me further?!
Miss you, K xx

katy said...

Christina - yes, our scones are basically like your British ones. Ours (naturally) are bigger and cut into a triangle shape. Ian made us Welsh scones which we ate with jam and cream and they were amazing. The fair scones are very similar to his. In the US flavored scones are very popular - pumpkin, lemon, maple, blueberry, and sometimes they are made savory with cheese and herbs (don't pronounce the "h" hee hee.) I LOVE biscuits thanks to my southern grandmother and they are indeed savory (no addition of sugar) compared with scones. Glad you tried one. Next time you'll have to have biscuits and gravy. Biscuits served open up and smothered with gravy. Good hang over food. And heart attack food. Miss you!!! xo

christie said...

I bought a Fischer scone mix and made some...not
as good as the ones from the fair however.

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