Sunday, August 29



On Saturday we went to Schueberfour, Luxembourg's biggest fair. We all agreed that the highlight this year was the ferris wheel ride.
Schueberfouer - Break Dance ride
schueberfour - from the ferris wheel
Curry Wurst and Potato Cakes
Fair food! This year we tried the currywurst - sausage with a curry/bbq/ketchup-y sauce, sprinkled with cumin. Had to get the traditional potato pancakes too .


se7en said...

This looks like so much fun!!! Hope you have a happy time making memories!!! isn't it funny how we enjoy "last times" so much more.

Emily Malate said...

love that pic of Audie. I feel sad hearing "the last."
Wish we could get in one more visit with you in Europe.

christie said...

So much more colorful than the Evergreen fair
which is here...Are there animals to view like
here and quilts?

likeschocolate said...

I love the potatoe pancakes or roesti. Now Kurry Wurst not my favorite, but my husband love it. Glad to hear your adventure will continue.

Road Trippers said...

Like Emily, I LOVE that picture of Audrey. What's up with the Route 66? Do the Lux have the same fascination with our subculture as the Parisians?

katy said...

Mom - No animals and quilts. Maybe that is only in an American fair.

Road Trippers - yes, with particular interest in native american imagery.

This Girl loves to Talk said...

we just had our Ekka - ours is held in winter as it is just too hot in australia in summer- looks very similar except ours shows cows, horses etc and lots of baby animals -which the kids love - but the rides and fried food looks the same.. except our is called dagwood dogs (similar to corn dogs in america)

and the kids love the nightly fireworks

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