Monday, August 31


It's Schueberfour time here in Luxembourg. Schueberfour is an annual carnival held in Limpertsberg. It lasts 2o days. It is filled with rides, food, games; all the things you'd expect at a carnival. Last year Bryce and I attended while we were on our preview trip of Luxembourg. It is amazing to think we've almost been here for a year. November 5th will mark one year.

The girls enjoyed the kiddie rides and loved fishing for rubber ducks. The real highlight for them, though, was the cotton candy. In our defense we ordered a petite for 2 euros. As you can see what we got was anything but petite. Audrey was hilarious, at one point she gave up pulling off pieces to eat and just sank her face into the candy with her mouth open. We let her go for a while becasue we couldn't stop laughing, but eventually we reeled her back in.

Audrey's animal insticts also showed themselves earlier in the evening when she attacked her grillwurst. Some person passing by commented, that the hotdog was bigger than her head. Yes it was, but that didn't stop her at all. She ate every last bit. She LOVES her grillwurst. Must be the German in her.

Hey! I added a new banner and updated my list of current clicks for you all. Take a look and tell me what you think.


se7en said...

Oh Fun!!! Totally fun pictures!!! Love it!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

We have the EKKA.. Short for Exhibition.. I love your fairy floss (what australians call cotton candy) wish they sold it that big for $2 here!!

Emily Malate said...

your photos are incredible!!
I think Jeff would've liked the grillwurst!!
Looks like this fair was good preparation for Disneyland this weekend. miss you.

christie said...

This made me want to dig out the photos of
you and Emily at the Evergreen fair with
cotton candy and a bee...remember? mom
I think I would love grillwurst too.

Irini said...

That day looks like so much fun. I love all the color in the photos and the girls look so very happy.

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