Tuesday, August 31


Truth be told, I've been surfing again. A lot actually. There are amazing people doing amazing things out there in the world. Here are a handful of the wonderful things I found:

Create and order your own custom chocolate bar at Chocri. Sounds like fun. May make a great gift for the chocolate lover in your life. You even get to name your bar! Read about Kerrin's personalized chocolate bars.

These are the types of items that get me into trouble. Little cute things. I can walk away from most things, I'm really not a shopper, but I'm defenseless when it comes to colorful, cute, little useless bits. Thank goodness this is an online shop, one degree of separation at least gives me the illusion of control.

Are you as obsessed with maps, places and cities as I am? Love these totes, cards and onesies. And check out these cutting boards. Wouldn't they make a great house warming or wedding gift? I love the little heart on each one!!

Another funny site - Catalog Living. Seen it? Love this one.

Thanks to my mom I now know the names of the mystery trees we saw in Rodemack. The bean tree is a catalpa tree. The lantern tree is a goldenrain tree. I wonder how a tree known as the Pride of India (another name for the goldenrain tree) ended up in a little village in France?

And this beloved site, for those moments when only kitten pictures will do.

Tell me what's caught your eye lately!


likeschocolate said...

I know what you mean about getting into trouble. While some people would say that the internet can totally suck your time, but I agree there are so many amazing things out there and my family is benefitting from them.

Anonymous said...

so what will you put on your chocolate bar ?? :) thanks for the mention here. definitely a fun thing to do, and as you said - a great gift idea as well.

i love those tags above and the cutting board too. uh oh, i better not click on those links above... dangerous !! ;)

Emily Malate said...

that kitty site is too cute!!

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