Wednesday, September 1

Little Difference #26


Little Difference #26 - Windows

My realization of this little difference came about in an unfortunate way. Unfortunate not for us, but for a friend. And unfortunate for the little critter who happened into her house . . . through a window because it had NO SCREEN. It's true, windows here don't have screens.


Lack of screens isn't the only difference in the windows, though, they also open differently. If you turn the window handle 90 degrees the window opens up completely, like a door (see the top picture on post.) If you turn the handle 180 degrees, the window opens, just a crack, from the top (above.) The windows are very sturdy and extremely sound proof. They are great windows, just be careful to shut them at night to keep the critters out. You can read all about my friend's critter catastrophe here.

Back in Seattle, sash windows (aka double hung windows) are mostly the norm. What are the windows like where you live?

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Road Trippers said...

I absolutely LOVE the Lux windows. Wish we had those here. Poor critter.

Angela said...

We had a bat in our apartment too while living in Luxembourg!! After that, I never left the windows open after dark. I definately do not miss NOT having screens! One of the simple luxuries you take for granted until you no longer have them.

Dana said...

Once upon a time I wrote,
I have it elsewhere with nice pics of our windows in our house as well, but can't seem to find it this morning.

Oh, and thanks for doing the surfing for me. I love, love, love the Catalog Living site. How funny!

katy said...

Road Trippers - I agree, they are great windows. Really, so sturdy and no moisture problems.

Angela - HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?? How did you get the bat out? We've seen bats flying outside our living room window. It was pretty cool, actually. Of course we were safe inside!

Dana - Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. Glad you liked the links!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

old houses in australia dont have screens, my current one doesnt. which is terrible because our house fills with mosquitos and flies (of which there are millions in australia

Mama Llama said...

I had a bat in my house (here in Pennsylvania) 2 weeks ago. My cats can open the screen door to our patio, and we live along a little creek where there are swarms of bats at dusk. I'd just gotten my little one to sleep and came downstairs to sit on the couch and watch a non-animated television program. As I sat down and reached for the remote, a bat swooped up the stairway. All I could think was, "but my show is coming on in 5 minutes!!!"

Bats don't even phase me. I just opened the windows upstairs, grabbed a broom and directed him out. All in time to see my show :).

Marlo said...

I live in Turkey on an air force base and we have the Euroean windows, BUT we also have screens. The best of bost worlds as far as I am concerned. When I lived in Paris, I had (almost) floor to ceiling windows that were similar to French doors. No screens of course. I love, love, loved them.

Potters said...

Kathryn and I just had a surprise guest -bat in our room at a B&B on the Penisula. It was a bit more than we bargained for. I remember bats flying in our room at night, while visiting Stacy in Guyana. For some reason it didn't bother me and for the life of me I cannot figure out how I didn't freak out. Must have had plenty of cocktails. ;)

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