Friday, September 3

Right Now: Early September

Watching :: Mad Men. I know, I know - finally! We are 2 episodes away from finishing Season 1. It is absolutely as wonderful as it is talked up to be.

Smelling :: Fall in the air. My favorite time of year.
Sunflower field
Enjoying :: The lazy mornings of summer break. I'm not looking forward to the early morning rush of school days!

Reading :: Under the Tuscan Sun. Just finished this and wanted to take a break before starting the next one.

Making :: A macchiato every morning. In the afternoons occasionally as well. Still loving my new machine.
Hoping :: I get my act together soon and finish my Moving to Luxembourg FAQ post soon.

Thinking :: Green. Details soon.

Remembering :: The smiles and wonderful baby chub of my sweet nephew.

Coveting :: A haircut.

How about you, where are you right now?


Emily Malate said...

Watching: Project Runway, and feeling very annoyed with Gretchen but liking Mondo.

Smelling: kalu gardenias in bloom in our yard, they have just a hint of coconut.

enjoying: watching my son explore and express pride at reaching his new milestones.

Making: lots of narrative scrapbooks with teenagers who've had a crappy childhood

Hoping: that my son will always look at me with the love in his eyes like he does when he sees me now

Thinking: about integrity, honesty, and dissonance between verbalizations and behavior

Remembering: how hard I worked in graduate school

Coveting: graduate training under Marsha Linnehan

Anonymous said...

Under The Tuscan Sun is one of my favorite books of all time!
I'm currently getting into a book someone I met while traveling gave me - The Kite Runner.

se7en said...

Would you look at those sunflowers - Simply stunning!!!

jane said...

i love mad men- ok, now that i got that out of system. i´ll add your name to the cv list. welcome katy!

christie said...

I am waiting for Mad Men season 1 . I hope
the machine continues to function for my
visit. yum. Great photos. mom

suddenly sahm said...

OMG those sunflowers just knocked me beautiful

Lisa said...

Always love these posts and you are inspiring me to do my own!! Those fields of sunflowers are amazing.

Road Trippers said...

Exhausted. Nothing special. Just the 1st day of school tomorrow, end of day, heading to bed before 8pm kind of tired. The sunflowers will certainly appear in my dreams tonight -- what lovely shots you took.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Look at those gorgeous, gorgeous sunflowers! Loved reading your list. Can't believe I haven't read Under the Tuscan Sun, yet....must do that. And what about Glee? Have you seen any episodes? We are enjoying that right now.

likeschocolate said...

Love all these sunflower photos. Watching Italien TV in Milan. Smelling the fresh lake air, and tomatoes. Soaking in tons of culture. Remembering past trips to Italy. Coveting all the beautiful clothes.

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