Wednesday, November 16

Searching for Stuffing

image from Bon Apetit

I'm switching from wallpaper to Thanksgiving as the day is fast approaching. I've just about finalized the Thanksgiving menu with the exception of the stuffing. Last year I wasn't completely satisfied with the recipe. I think it was the white bread. The stuffing didn't have the texture and consistency I was looking for. This year I'm going to try something more rustic. Here are a few that look appealing to me. If you have a winning stuffing recipe please leave a link! I think personal recommendations are much better than random google searches.

Spinach, Fennel and Sausage Stuffing with toasted Brioche

Farmhouse Herbed Stuffing

Mark Bittman's Favorite Bread Stuffing - lots of great variations on this one.

How are you coming on your Thanksgiving menu?


Unknown said...

K - you need look no farther. I have the ab-so-lut-ly perfect stuffing recipe. At least in my mind its perfect. Its a wild rice stuffing with mushrooms from my veggie days. I found it in this kooky old christmas cookbook that Eric bought me. The book has gold edges :) I will send the recipe to your email and you can see what you think. xo S

likeschocolate said...

My children don't like stuffing, but they just might eat the one you have as your photo! It looks Amazing!

Dana said...

I'm just in denial that Thanksgiving is upon us. It's been that kind of fall.

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