Thursday, December 8

Edible Gifts

Peppermint Bark
This year I'd like to give little packages of sweet edibles to friends and neighbors. It was Dana's productivity in the kitchen that finally got me going on my own gifts. She made vanilla extract and salted caramels! Yes, I know, don't you wish you were her friend? I'm making peppermint bark; two different kinds. This one has crushed chocolate wafers in it and this recipe (pictured) stands out due to it's layer of peppermint ganache. Mmm, mmm good.
Peppermint Bark
Have you made candy bark before? I hadn't either. I made a batch to take to the ornament party I attended last weekend and experienced how ridiculously easy it is to make. It also looks and tastes great. A winning combination in my book.
Peppermint Bark
What's coming out of your kitchen this year? Do tell!


likeschocolate said...

Yes, I wish I was one of the lucky ones getting Dana's gift. Too bad we all live so far away from her. Maybe we need to do an invasion on Italy someday and visit her.

Road Trippers said...

I would love to be your house guest for ONE week and experience first-hand all that comes out of your kitchen!

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