Wednesday, December 7

Stocking Stuffers

I *love* to stuff stockings. Knowing you, you're probably all finished with your shopping but just in case you have that one last thing to buy I've put together a stocking stuffer gift guide.

Here are some stocking stuffer ideas for girls around 5-8 years old.

Stocking Stuffers for Girls 5-8 years old

Stocking Stuffers for Girls 5-8 years old by sycamorestir on

Click on the link above or on the picture for buying information.

1) I love these doodle books that are out right now -A great combination of free coloring and coloring books. These pocket sized doodle books are easy to transport and would be great for restaurants.

2) In my second grader's class the kids are wearing hair bands on their wrists. These bracelets look like hairbands and the money goes to a good cause.

3) Each year my girls get an ornament in their stocking. My youngest is quite smitten with Rapunzel and this seemed perfect for her.

4) Gel pens - I don't know what it is about these but my girls LOVE them. I found a 4 pack of them at the craft store, perfect stocking stuffer size.

5) My oldest is big into Mad Libs and Scooby Doo for that matter. There are also Mad Lib Jrs for younger kids.

6) Book light - Bryce and I received one of these a few years ago and just love it! The girls love ours too. Now they can love their own. They come in fun colors!

7) Books - stockings must have a new paper back or two. My oldest is getting 2 of these and my youngest these.

8) A stocking is not complete without chocolate Christmas balls.

9) Notebooks or journals. These Field Note books look great.

Have you purchased all of your stocking stuffers? What did you buy?


Monkey's Mama said...

I just bought a bunch of stuff at the sample sale in the old Ballard library building! Squishy animals, some cool balls, a little rc robot, wind-up crab. I also got a few small craft kits and rounding it out with some little knights and dragons.

Dana said...

Nice collection for girls, Katy. I need to get on the ball with the stocking stuffers...for the husband, too. Ack!

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