Friday, December 9

A Magical Evening

Friends, tonight is an exciting night! We are taking the girls to see Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker! Since the girls were babies I've been anxious for them to see and *love* the Nutcracker. At ages 7.5 and 5, we think they are ready! Thank you to my mom for the most wonderful Christmas gift ever - tickets to the show!!
The Nutcracker has been an important part of Christmas for me since I was about 5. I don't know how or why it happened but at 5 I was part of the Nutcracker myself. I was one of the baffoons (also called bonbons) that danced out of Mother Goose's skirt. Sadly this act has been cut out of the updated version of PNB's Nutcracker.
For years after we'd go see the show each year at Christmas time. As a little girl I remember the music, lights, dancing and the magic of it all. It was a special occasion, we wore dresses, went out to eat and walked down the lit up streets of down town Seattle. We stopped to admire the window displays at Foxes Gem Shop - antique teddy bears and jewels! It was magical. So interesting how memories are recorded in your mind. Who knows how many years we actually did this, but to me it felt like a tradition.
So this year we are sharing the magic with the girls. I can hardly wait.


likeschocolate said...

I love the Northwest Ballet Nutcracker! It is one of the best in the nation. Lucky you!

Lisa said...

Hope it was a magical night!! And how fun that you were a part of a production. I was thinking of taking the girls this year but then decided on Cinderella at the 5th Avenue instead.

Jennifer said...

I'm sure the girls loved it. I miss going to the Nutcracker! I started taking my kids when they were really little (Will was 3, I think), and even then they loved it. It's the whole experience: having dinner in the city, getting dressed up, the beautiful opera house, hot chocolate and Christmas cookies at intermission. Such a special memory!

Anonymous said...

Katy, I remember the first time I went to the Nutcracker I was with your family! I'll never forget the rhinestone/pearl (?) necktie your mom wore :) Always an original!
Fun to hear your continuing the tradition with your family...

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

I love that you are finally able to take your girls to the Nutcracker and I really love that you have the letter and photo of your own childhood connection to the very magical for all of you! Hope you had fun!

Did you happen to see Emily's recent list of Nutcracker books? Love the book you shared...I am such a sucker for her illustrations.

katy said...

likes chocolate - what year did you see it? It has changed a bit over the years.

Lisa - How was Cinderella? I was tempted by that one too.

Jennifer - I bet Kate would LOVE it! The Nutcracker is German, right? I wonder if there is a production close to Lux.

Valerie - what a hilarious memory!! I remember that tie too. I wonder if she still has it, I'll have to ask. Sadly, I didn't inherit my mom's flare for fashion, I'm such a plain jane. Maybe a pearl necktie is just what I really need :)

Dim Sum - I'm not familiar with Emily's blog - can you leave me the name of it? I'd love to see her list of Nutcracker books.

Monkey's Mama said...

Logan & I are going on the 26th (I won tix from Seattle's Child!). I am so excited. So would you recommend getting the book you posted about prior to going? I guess they are watching the nutcracker in his dance class at Adams. So at least he'll know the story!

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