Tuesday, January 31

Right Now: End of January

Listening: to Pandora Radio. The girls are addicted to the Beach Boys station. It certainly is feel good music.

Enjoying: Our Saturday ski days. Being outside, being together and breathing the fresh air - all really good things. LinkReading: This parenting book. It addresses just what I've been thinking about and noticing in children lately. Just started this for my book club. I'm hooked already.

Making: Macarons. About a batch a week. Still struggling with baking time. My last batch was under cooked and wouldn't come off of the parchment paper.

Appreciating: Quiet days.

Hoping: We are able to make it to Luxembourg this summer. Missing the peeps there and really wanting to reconnect.

Eating: Protein. This is a challenge for me as it is not my go-to food group. Trying to get 25 grams per meal. Fage in the morning makes it a bit easier.

Feeling: Excited for spring. Warmer temps and less rain; I'm hopeful!

Watching: We're still hooked on 30 Rock. Just started season 5. I think it is the most hilarious show on TV. We just watched this movie on Saturday - an interesting concept.

Coveting: Not surprisingly, another cup of coffee.

What about you? Where are you right now?


Dana said...

Come to Northern Italy :)
We'd be happy to have you and your family!

christie said...

I enjoy these "right Now" posts so much. Right now
I am heavy into Valentines and should be hiking.

likeschocolate said...

Vave you ever tried the chocolate banana vivano at starbucks just ask for an extra shot of protein powder. So yummy! Also did you know quinoa has protein in it. Hope you get to go back to Europe this summer. You can always stop by and see us in Germany. We will be there in May and June. You have been to Prague haven't you? I am going to go for two days. Is there anything you recommend that I must see?

Anonymous said...

I try to do the protein bit too---
I finely grind walnuts and add a tbsp or more to morning yogourt (Fage 2%)with a bit of honey. You can also add flaxseed (linseed) OIL for lots of additional health benefits (a bit of lemon juice offsets the flaxseed taste)!
Happy February...........

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