Tuesday, January 24


Snow Day
You'll be happy to know we made it through the snow that hit Seattle last week. Actually it was not the snow we were worried about, it was the inevitable melt and the threat of a wet basement! We're so happy our basement stayed dry. Our sump pump hasn't stopped running since Friday.
Snow is such a funny thing in Seattle. The city freaks out and everything shuts down. The kids had exactly 2 hours of school last week. 2. hours. I remember the first snow we had in Luxembourg. I was convinced it was going to lead to a snow day. Little did I know. The city knows how to handle snow as it is a common occurrence each winter. The roads are plowed and salted and life goes on. Pretty much the exact opposite of Seattle.
The part of these snowy days that I absolutely love is that it brings everybody out of their houses and into the streets. Every hill is filled with sledders (of all ages!) I talk to more neighbors during the snow than I do at the annual block party. And the dogs. The happiest dogs in the world. The kids are excited and having so much fun sledding. It feels joyful. And it feels like we're truly part of a neighborhood.
Sledding Hill
Unfortunately and fortunately snow is a short lived phenomena in Seattle. Now we're back to rain. I would call it rainpocalypse but it is not. It is business as usual here in Seattle.

Snow Day

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likeschocolate said...

My boys would have been in heaven.

Dana said...

Looks like fun, Katy. I must say that I am shocked to hear Seattle's reaction to the snow ... sounds a lot like Louisiana, you know, that state way down in teh South.
Take care,

ikkinlala said...

It always seems funny to me when places I don't think of as very far away shut down because of snow (Seattle, yes, but Vancouver is the first one that comes to my mind). I guess it doesn't happen often enough to be worth maintaining the infrastructure, though.

suzieQ said...

Here in Maine, snow is part of winter and I have to say, the road crews do a fine job clearing up. This has been a strange winter with mild temperatures and lots of rain. I wonder if this is global warming or just a natural cycle. Looks like you and your neighbors made the best use of the snow. It can be lots of fun.

christie said...


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