Monday, January 9

Thank you notes


The girls and I finished up their thank you notes this weekend. Whew. It always feels like a big job. Last year I think I dropped the ball on notes so it was very important to me to bring this routine back into practice. I stole this thank you note idea from my SIL who did something similar a few years ago.

We attached these pictures to cards and then each girl got to write a message inside. To prevent any "space" arguments, one girl wrote on the top portion of the card, the other got the bottom. Eva was completely self sufficient this year and wrote really great thank you messages. For Audrey, I just wrote down what she said and she signed her name. Before she lost energy, though, she added - I really do like you in her own writing. So cute. And so Audrey.

How do you handle thank you notes? Please leave a comment.


Portland Sunshine said...

funny, we did the same thing this year! i am sure i saw it somewhere online. instead of handwriting notes, we used the gopostal app on my phone to send postcards. it was ridiculously easy. love that app, check it out if you don't already use it. LOVED your buche de noel! well done.

Dana said...

Ugghh.. haven't done 'em yet! Last year I made a couple of quick videos for faraway relatives. I might do the same this year.

likeschocolate said...

We did video thank you and phone calls. When the boys wee little they drew pictures.

ksjjpalmer said...

We finished ours this weekend. I've still go to mail them. My trick is to offer a jelly bean per note. That way, they insist on doing them. I'm not sure if I am proud of my methods or not. Or if the message of gratefullness is learned when they are just out for that piece of candy. But it does get the job done without any whining.
Jacob was completely self sufficient as well-but he did get a bit silly. I wrote "thank you" on another piece of paper for Julia to copy. And she added her own I u on them.

Road Trippers said...

One thing we do with presents that arrive in the mail, is let the kids open the packages immediately. They appreciate the gift more and we stay caught up on thank you notes. (I'd like to add that it's shocking how few people teach their kids this skill.)

christie said...

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Emily Malate said...

i love those girls. so much.

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