Saturday, March 31

Quilting the Night Away

Ah, I'm still coming down from a wonderful weekend with my quilting group.  We had our annual retreat last weekend, my first in 3 years!  I'd forgotten how I love the constant buzz of productivity, the conversations, snackies and the inspiration from all the lovely projects.  I didn't use my camera once.  Not once!  I didn't want to cut into my productivity time.  I was on a mission, people!  Luckily my fellow quilter and friend, Jen did.  Following are some of the projects from the weekend.  This is by no means all of them!  I'll share what I worked on in another post.  Let's just say it was my most productive retreat to date.

Herewith, are some photos (thanks to Jen!) 

 Red, White, Gray and Black.  Yes, please!
 Christmas fabrics in a Dinner Plate pattern. 
 Anna Maria fabrics surrounded in blue.
 Think Morocco.
 Inprov in primary colors.
 Go Huskies or Gophers (as it really was intended.)
 Americana.  Look at the beautiful red batik sashing.
 American Girl doll dress. 
This jelly roll is not for eating. celtic knot 
This makes my fingers twist into a Celtic knot just looking at all those tiny stitches!
 Meals were simplified, salad bar and soups.  That didn't stop one quilter from makin' it fancy with some cheese puffs.

The retreat re-awakened my love of quilting and sewing.  I hope I can keep my momentum up.  I've been collecting inspiration on Pinterest.  

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likeschocolate said...

These are all so amazing! I wish I had the patience to learn how to do this.

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