Monday, April 16

A Stately Dinner

Last night we had our dinner inspired by a few American States.  If you remember, we came up with this idea during the International dinner with had with our neighbors a few months ago.  Each couple drew a U.S. State and a course. Each course had to have a drink to go with it.  Bryce and I drew appetizer and New York. 

With all the children having fun with a babysitter next door we were free to relax and enjoy.  The night was super fun, the conversation lively and inappropriate and the courses tasty and inspired.  Here is the run down ~

Appetizer from New York
Manhattans Bagels and Lox
Bagels with a schmear of cream cheese, topped with lox and capers served with a Manhattan.
Side, salad or soup from Minnesota
Swedish Meatballs
Swedish meatballs, lefse, and picked cabbage served with the Champagne of beers, Miller High life.
Main Course from Alaska
Coho Salmon
Gorgeous Coho salmon served with Alaskan Amber beer.
Dessert from California
Nut Squares
Nut squares (a family recipe) with homemade vanilla and Ghirardelli Chocolate ice cream  served with wine.

As you can imagine we're all still digesting . . .


likeschocolate said...

I am hungry now. I know you said you are going to be in Luexburg this summer how long are you staying. I will be in Seattle toward the end of August. Can't wait to try the cupcakes from the place you recommended.

Dana said...

I love this "Stately Dinner" idea!

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