Thursday, April 19

Taking a Break

The girls are on spring break this week and they are enjoying some much needed down time.  They're lounging, reading, playing outside and relishing in the unstructured time.  They even complained of boredom - lucky girls!

Surprised and honored that one of my hipstamatic photos was included in Pioneer Woman's Phone Photo Challenge (group 3)

FIXED THE LINK!  This time I really mean it.


Potters said...

Congrats Katy on the photo. And you know I'm loving that picture of Gus. Is there anymore more content than a cat sleeping in the sun? I think not.

Dana said...

Kudos for the photo!

I found Biscoff cookies today at my commissary on the US military post. It's packaged as Biscoff by Lotus and includes "10 stay fresh packs" in the package. I brought them home & my husband said, "I love those cookies! Where did you find them?". He's used to seeing them at Italian coffee bars...but still with this name. My package is clearly for the American market, complete with nutrition facts.

I think they taste a bit like ginger snaps, but without the bite...a cross bt a sugar cookie and ginger snap...kinda.


Dana said...

Okay... Yesterday while out shopping we found the in an Italian store with yet another name. Richard has taken them to a friend, so I don't have the package to refer to, but I remember that "biscuit" was in the tittle....maybe for the British market?

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