Tuesday, May 8

A tourist once again

Bryce and I had the luxury of spending the weekend in Portland.  By ourselves.  Without kids.  Yes, we had a great time!
Voodoo Donuts Voodoo Donuts Voodoo Donut
We made all the lovely touristy stops - Powell's Books, a walk by the river, a trip to Voodoo Doughnuts* (love the glittery building), and a stroll around the Pearl District.  I brought Design Sponge's guide to Portland and we actually used it quite a bit.  * If you are unfamiliar with Voodoo Donuts take a sec to read the doughnut menu.  What would you choose?
Bird Whistles in Cargo
I loved Cargo, a huge store of imports from all over the globe.  Not your typical Pier 1, this was a well curated, but very full, store of furniture, textiles, jewelry, nick-knacks and oddities from all over.  I had to snap a picture of the bird whistles.  These weren't from Luxembourg but they certainly could have been.  Bryce was very patient as I oooed and aaahhed over everything.
Weird Portland Poet for Hire
Have you ever been to Portland? What did you do?


Road Trippers said...

I always WANT to love Portland, but when I'm there I'm always uneasy. Too many dark streets. It feels small and closed in whereas in Seattle I always get glimpses of water or other parts of the city. And then I start thinking about all the weirdos outside of Portland, in the trees, or wherever. I might be nuts myself.

likeschocolate said...

Portland is the greatest! That is where I went to collage!

EagleNestMom said...

I always love your trip pictures. So much fun!

One of my life goals as a teen was to do extensive traveling as an adult - as it has never happened, I thoroughly enjoy the pictures others take - especially if it is not the normal scenery!

Thank you!!

Pete and Rosie said...

In my neck of the woods! Well, for another week and a half anyway. I've actually never been to Voodoo, and I'd like to say we'll make it before we go to Lux, but..acckkkk!...last minute preparations and stress!!!!

Unknown said...

looks like you all had a great time. I took a peek at the voodoo menu and had to laugh out loud at the maple blaze blunt - a donut shaped like a joint! Only in portlandia. Love you xo S

Emily Malate said...

What I remember about Portland was going to Powells bookstore, getting a fake marriage at the Elvis chapel and going to a by the pound thrift store! I also saw some great shows there in college (Bikini kill and heavens to Betsy) ;)

Anonymous said...

Those definitely aren't Luxembourg bird whistles at only $3 each!

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