Wednesday, May 9

Pinterest Check-in

Here are the 2 recipes I made from my Pinterest boards this week.
Honey Sesame Crockpot Chicken
Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken
Source: Six Sisters' Stuff
Notes: How can you go wrong soaking chicken in a cup of honey in the crock pot for a few hours?  Answer:  You can't.  I couldn't get the sauce to boil in the crock pot on high so I thickened it in a sauce pan.  Easy. Yummy.
Ina's Blueberry Coffee Cake
Ina Garten's Blueberry Coffee Cake
Source: Food Network
Notes:  Didn't get to taste this one as I brought it to the girls' school for Teacher Appreciation week.  Based on the licks of batter from the beaters, I'd say it was pretty dang delicious.  The little bit of lemon zest ads a nice flavor.  I used frozen blueberries and layered them between the cake batter.  Worked just fine.  Definitely going to make this again and taste it this time to see if it compares to My Coffee Cake.

My goal of completing 2 pins from my Pinterest Boards will continue.  Maybe I'll try a non recipe related pin - this or this?  For recipes - this or this look intriguing.  I still need to get to that grilled asparagus . . .

My Completed Pins
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What are you pinning or making these days?


likeschocolate said...

Looks amazing!

ELB said...

Thanks for the recipe, Katy! I'm always looking for new ideas for the crockpot, esp. now that it's getting hot outside and I don't want to turn the oven on.

I hope you bought some good fabric in Hawaii!!!

valerie said...

Help...two weeks of your slow cooked honey sesame chicken, katy, give us your inspiration! you are seriously gone i think :)

Emily Malate said...

Still doing a lot of new recipes with Pinterest. My new favorite is the Egg Muffins - super easy and high protein breakfast option. I made some with cheddar and morning star sausages, then another greek type one with feta, spinach and roasted red peppers!
Some not so great hits were Raspberry Chocolate muffins made with almond flour. They tasted pretty good, but really upset my stomach - I think almond flour should be used in moderation for my sensitive tummy!

Emily Malate said...

I'm a bit embarrassed to say, but another week has passed and I've tried another three recipes - I don't have much of a life right now other than breastfeeding and toddler wrangling, so Pinterest seems to be one of my coping skills - anyhow -
I made:
1) Rapsberry cream cheese muffins. Super moist and yummy. I cringed at how much sugar went in. I substituted greek yogurt for the buttermilk. I made them for book club brunch and they were a hit.
2) Parmesan green beans - roasted in oven with oil, garlic, sp and then sprinkled with cheese. tasty and a good switch from steaming.
3) hmm, I know there was a number three...can't remember. I'll blame it on hormones.

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