Tuesday, June 5

2.5 years late

IMG_5546 I brought my nephew's baby quilt with me on my trip to see the new bebe.  I started it before he was born.  I gave it to him about 2.5 years later.  Pretty sure I'm out of the running for aunt of the year.  I'm hoping to do better with Ruby's quilt.  Hoping.  My famous last words.
Baby Quilt The inspiration for this quilt was green.  And Hawaii.  I started it when I was in a scrap phase.  The pattern is called Animal Crackers.  I borrowed the pattern from a friend in my quilting group.  I didn't take a picture of the back!  It is mostly white with various green strips pieced into the middle of the white.  Since I don't know how to machine quilt it is hand quilted.  It is square and smallish, baby sized.  Baby Quilt


likeschocolate said...

The quilt is beautiful!

Emily Malate said...

so glad you posted about this today - this morning Ruby was on her play mat having awake time and Linc announced he wanted to bring out his blanket and have some play time too. He came out with your quilt and wanted "Aunt Katy's blanket" spread out just perfect.
Do you want me to take a pic of the back of the quilt for you?

Jennifer said...

It's beautiful, Katy. I'm sure he'll appreciate much more as a big boy than he would have as a tiny infant.

Are you working on Ruby's now? ;)

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