Friday, August 10

Leftover cake

cake pop
I had a bunch of cake pieces leftover from Audrey's birthday cake so I decided to try making some cake pops.  Whoa.  Waaaay harder than I anticipated.  The problems I encountered were numerous but I think they mainly stemmed from the consistency of my "batter."   I ended up adding too much frosting.  They weren't cake-y they were more like wet, frosting balls.  Due to this issue the balls fell off in the chocolate coating even after being frozen onto the sticks.  Does anyone know how much frosting Bakerella calls for?  I searched her site and listened to her how to video on YouTube.

Regardless of my troubles I managed to crank out a dozen or so pops.  My girls and nieces each had one and then I threw the rest away (wasteful).  The cake part just had too much frosting.

The strange thing is I'm quite eager to try them again.  I saw another video of a woman who makes her cake pops out of doughnut holes.  Quite clever if you ask me.

Have you tried making cake pops?  Any tips?   Any idea on how much frosting to use? Cake pops


Nati said...

I also tried and it was so stressful. The worst bit was knowing I wasted a full dozen of lovely and yummy cupcakes to make them! I didn't want to use to much frosting and the batter would not stick together at the end. Ended up using some vanilla pudding (so it wasn't so rich as frosting) and it worked.

Lakeland plastics in the UK have a cake pop maker, otherwise you can visit the girls at mycupcakeaddiction's video (link below)for some tips.

likeschocolate said...

The ones I made were made with cream cheese and Oreos. I found them hard to dip chocolate too. Didn't look nearly as pretty, bu were a huge success at a baby shower I gave. Donut holes are a great idea.

themaggers said...

I help teach a cake ball class and we tell everyone to start with maybe a quarter of a cup of frosting to about a 10 inch cake. You mix it all together and check your consistency. You want it all to come together in a nice ball with no dry pieces. If you pull off a piece and roll it in your hands you should be able roll it into a nice ball with no cracks. if it's not quite there yet add just a bit more of icing until it gets to that consistency.

The amount of icing you use will vary depending on how dry/moist your cake is . Most recipes call for almost an entire can of icing which is waaaay to much !

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions. we've had about 100 classes so I've gotten pretty good at cake ball making .


Scrappycook said...

I've made me several times using a 9x13 cake and a can of icing. Use about 2/3 of the can, roll the balls and then chill. You can't dip them when they are frozen- the coating does not stick.

katy said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm on the look out for another occasion to make these again. I'll let you know how it goes. Scrappycook - didn't know the reasoning behind not letting them freeze. Thanks!

Erin M. said...

Just made some cake pops for Anna's 6th... didn't use enough frosting and had the same problem... broken pops in the chocolate and falling cake-pop 'bombs' during party time :)

Lisa said...

I have made them a few times and "cheated" by purchasing a cake ball pan at target. So it makes the balls, like donut holes, and I skip the process of mixing the cake with the frosting. It had its own challenges but seemed to work fairly well.

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