Monday, August 13

August Garden

Little Lime Hydrangrea
 Here are a few pictures of our August garden.  The veggies in my raised bed are doing so well.  My neighbor teases me about secretly spraying Miracle Grow on them at night.  The bed looks like a green jungle (again!)  I hope the cucumbers and tomatoes are able to get enough sun to ripen. 
Sugar Lump Tomatoes
Cucumber blossom
Pistachio Reblooming Hydrangea
 How does your garden grow? 

1 comment:

Lisa said...

We moved the garden to a new location this year and are having so much more success. My tomatoes especially are out of control and I just had to add more staking to them tonight to keep them upright. Looking forward to them ripening in the upcoming weeks. We didn't plant much of any plant as we weren't sure how it would turn out so I am looking forward to expanding next year.

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