Tuesday, August 14

Finished! Finally.

 On Saturday my quilt club met for 4 hours of sewing, chatting, and snacking.  I forced myself to finish at least one duvet cover.  Forced!  Turns out fighting enormous pieces of fabric under the needle of a sewing machine is not my favorite thing.  As I settled myself at my machine, accepting I was in for an hour of frustration I declared I'm going to sew this mother-fking thing if it kills me.  It was then suggested that this could be our Quilt Club motto.  Perhaps we would get it printed on T-shirts.  It would keep quilt club hard and close to the street just like it used to be. It was also suggested that I not be allowed to sew anything larger than a coaster.  Then it was downgraded to a book mark.  All good suggestions if you ask me.
 What was I thinking?  There is no such thing as whipping out 2 twin size duvet covers, btw.  Eva doesn't even like pink anymore (I blame 2nd grade!)  She was really sweet and appreciative when it was finished though.
 Now, on to Audrey's. Teeth clenched, sewing machine and ripper at the ready. Ugh. 
Have you ever started and finished a monster project that you pretty much hated every step of?  Share your story!


Emily said...

Just about every quilt I've made. (2, probably the last 2 I'll ever make...) I've realized that if I can't finish a project in an evening, (or an hour) then I'm probably not going to like it!

km said...

I have a baby blanket that I started knitting when I was pregnant with my daughter. She turned 7 this year. It's still not done. When she was born, I put the blanket in a bag and didn't have time to work on it. My Gram was going through chemo and though quite an avid knitter didn't want to spend money on new projects that she might not finish. She took on the blanket and completed a bunch more rows, but didn't finish it before she left this world. Now it sits in box on my daughters closet shelf. Last week she read the label to me. "R's Baby Blanket" It's got more than an hours work left in it. And I'll probably shed more than a few tears to try and work on it. So, I ask myself...do I finish it for my daughter's first child?

likeschocolate said...

The quilt looks amazing! Making a quilt is on my list this year!

Emily Malate said...

gorgeous! I'm feeling a little irrationally angry at Eva for not liking pink after seeing this beauty you made!

Dana said...

Nice job, Katy! I envy your talent. I see the same aversion to pink here, btw.

I have to say that I am not of the temperament to force myself to finish a project that I absolutely despise ... sometimes that works against me, of course!

Looking forward to seeing #2.

ELB said...

I say bring on those t-shirts for QC Retreat 2013!!!!

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