Monday, August 20

Mt. Rainier

 Since we've returned from Lux I've wanted to take the girls to see Mt. Rainier.  Seeing it up close it a completely different experience from seeing it from a distance looming over the city.  After reading in Sunset (or was it Seattle Magazine?) about the Sourdough Ridge Trail that was perfect for kids, full of Mt. and wild flower views I was committed to getting us there this summer.  Sunday turned out to be the day we made the 2 + hour drive to Sunrise in Mt. Rainier National Park.
We passed through crummy gray drizzle in Enumclaw only to discover gorgeous sunny skies at Sunrise. We started on our walk and after 45 minutes or so realized this nature loop was too short for the amount of time it took us to drive there.  We extended our hike to Frozen Lake and then looped back to Sunrise.  In total it was about a 3.6 mile trek.  Just right for our family.
 The hike and experience did not disappoint.  The flowers were so magnificent I forgot to look at the Mt.  The sun felt warm on our backs and moved us along the trail.  There was little whining and the girls declared this only sort of a death march.  Success if you ask me!
How was your weekend? 008


likeschocolate said...


Dana said...

The girls are funny! I think they would fit in with my girl. It looks like a beautiful place to visit.

Alexis said...

We took the same trip several years ago when our children were younger. Seeing your pictures and reading your comments brought me back to a wonderful and happy family vacation. Thank you and so glad you and your family were able to revel in the beauty of Mt. Rainier.

Lisa said...

We tried to take that hike last June and ran into snow half way up and had to turn around. Looks like we need to make a return trip. And you should have stopped by for a glass of lemonade as you were driving through the neighborhood:-)

km said...

Beautiful! My FIL grew up in Enumclaw. I'd love to take my kids to see their roots.

Monkey's Mama said...

Looks lovely! We hiked a 4.7 mile hike from paradise to panoramic point and around. We had to hike through snow (and slide down in the snow) but it was awesome! We'll have to try this one next year.

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