Friday, August 17

Tomato Trauma

tomato trauma
Help! What is going on with my tomatoes?  I've found at least 5 tomatoes like this on my Dona tomato plant.  Any ideas?  I haven't seen any bugs in or around the hole-y tomatoes.  Luckily the majority of the fruit are just fine.  Have you seen something like similar in your plants?  Let me know.
tomato trauma tomato trauma


The Expatresse said...

Squirrels? The squirrels at my dacha in my ancestral village (Ohio) like to take one bite and discard the rest of the tomato. The shy, quiet Chinese family next door are regularly horrified by my barreling out the back door screaming obscenities at cute, fuzzy rodents. That is, when I am at the dacha.

Otherwise, I have no idea.

christie said...

My guess is that some tomatoes have a deformed
gene....don't know, really, however.

Dana said...

I keep checking back for an answer! Lol. I think it's a bug or two working under the cover of darkness...something wormy, maybe?

katy said...

I know, Dana! I feel the same way. Haven't seen any more tomatoes like these. fingers crossed.

Julie said...

I have also heard that birds will peck into a tomato if it's dry to get some water, though I think they would go for tomatoes that are more ripe than that. Cut around the damage and see if the hole continues inside, in which case it might be a burrowing worm (which you might be able to find, gross!) or if the hole is just what you can see it points more toward bird or squirrel. If it keeps happening, some netting over the plant should discourage vermin. :)

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