Thursday, August 23



In an attempt to make more room for my tomatoes I decided to harvest the basil.  It was ready. Or ready enough, who knows. Fresh pesto is spicy and flavorful a completely different food from what is packaged and sold as pesto in stores.  I loosely followed my mom's recipe although I relied mostly on taste.  2 basil plants gave me 3 muffin tin sized pats of pesto (my mom used to freeze her pesto in ice cube trays but I think a muffin tin is a better size.)  Crazy how a ginormous pile of basil leaves processes down to almost nothing. 

 My favorite way to eat fresh pesto is tossed with spaghetti.  Simple and delicious.  How do you enjoy pesto?


likeschocolate said...

My children love pesto!

Megan said...

Our favourite way to eat it is tossed with spiral pasta and topped with chopped fresh tomatoes and cut up fried smokies. I'm sure any of your favourite type of sausages would do (my Aunt and Uncle eat theirs with friend Chinese sausage).

Care to share your recipe? (even if it's vague!) Definitely thinking I need to plant some basil this year! Freezing it in muffin tins is such a great idea!

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