Friday, August 24

Sweet Pins

I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for a dear friend who has been hoping, wishing, working on a baby for years.  Like 10.  Yeah, that is a looong time.  She was recently blessed with a beautiful, busy 16 month old and all of her friends couldn't wait to shower her.  In addition to the venue I supplied dessert.

Lori, my friend, is the queen of all things cute.  At first I thought I would make a cake but then it became clear to me.  Make a few little cute things.  Right. Up. Her. Alley.

Here is what I served:
Dipped S'mores
Source: Tip Junkie
Notes: Never again.  The marshmallow cream oozed out of the sides ( use a scant amount!!) The chocolate chips melted into frosting not into anything that could be used as a "dip."  I ended up frosting the ends of the crackers.  I sprinkled these with sugar crystals.

 Pretzel-Scotch Chookies
Source: Une gamine dans la Cuisine
Notes:  These cookies are unbelievable.  Seriously.  It was all due to the mystery ingredient.  Ready?  Browned butter.  Yep.  I didn't know how to do it so I watched this. 
Cake Batter Truffles  
Cake Batter Truffles
Source: The Girl Who Ate Anything
Notes:  Lori was into cake batter before it was a fad.  I knew I had to make these for her.  They were AMAZING.  If you are into this type of thing.  Raw dough.  Batter.  Yes.  The truffles were a combination of dough and batter. The candy melts for the coating -  that was a completely different issue.  I've decided that "friends don't let friends use candy melts."  I hate those things.  It took me 3 batches of melts to get it thin enough to dip.  The third batch was still pretty much frosting but I dunked the cake balls anyway.  How does Bakerella do it?  I used Crisco to thin the melts.  Still not thin.  What is the trick? Grrrr.  

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