Tuesday, September 25

Scenes from the Weekend

on a Tuesday.

Last weekend I got the gift of spending it with just one child.  This doesn't happen very often if at all.  Bryce and the eldest were together in the mountains and Audrey and I spent the weekend at home.  I made a conscious effort to plan activities for us instead of just "hanging out" and playing it by ear (which is my usual MO.) I didn't want to squander this precious time with just one. 

Friday we went out for dinner.  Not really a highlight as Audrey was so wasted from the week she was basically catatonic.
Saturday we made pumpkin bread.  That girl loves her baked goods and pumpkin bread is right at the top of the list.
Later we bought some bulbs and planted them all over the yard.  I went over-board with the buying.  Audrey insisted on digging the holes herself.  No easy feat with her pink plastic beach trowel.  While we were out in the yard we picked another pound or so of our Sugar Lump tomatoes.  I'm very pleased with this variety. 
Then there was her soccer game and a walk up to the corner store for a treat.  Sunday we hit the Farmer's Market where we purchased some peaches (one of Audrey's fav.)  We stopped by the craft store for some supplies for her Halloween costume (you know we've been excited for Halloween since September 1.)  She's going to be a black cat this year. 

What about you?  How was your weekend?


likeschocolate said...

Had a great weekend. Take hair from your hair brush and put in your flower beds. It is suppose to keep the squirrels from ratting your bulbs.

Monkey's Mama said...

Ooh, I hadn't heard that before about the squirrels - I will try that next year when planting sunflowers and pumpkins - those buggers are always stealing my seeds!

Katy - do your kids stick with their original costume idea? That's the hard bit with L is that he always changes his mind a billion times!

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