Tuesday, August 7

Summer Reading


 I've actually read some books this summer.  This is huge for me!  Three or so years ago, maybe 4, while going through some turbulent times I sorta dropped reading from my life.  I didn't have the desire and also I couldn't concentrate on the text.  Becoming a reader again has been a slow process coaxed by a few great books here and there and by rejoining my Book Club.

This summer I purposely chose some easy reads to take on our vacation and lo and behold I finished 4 books!  The long plane trips helped.

I'd love to know what you've read this summer!  Here is what I've read -

Fifty Shades of Gray - Yes, I read it.  I mean them.  All 3.  After hearing about them and all the buzz that ensued I had to check them out for myself.  All the criticism they've received is right on - mediocre writing, predictable, simple story, etc, etc.  I read 'em anyway.  Have you?  I won't tell.

The Huger Games - Finally, I know.  Just like everyone I was completely taken with this story.  I have rounded up books 2 and 3 to read after I finish my summer Book Club book.  I actually needed a break after number 1 because I found it so intense and emotional.  I'm anxious to see the film.  Not Martha shared a great flow chart of what to read when you've finished The Hunger Games series.

Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It - I saw this book mentioned on a friend's Facebook page and was intrigued.  I requested it from the library and 2 months (!) later it was in my hands.   A weird book to take on vacation but it proved to be very readable.  This book is the condensed, accessible version of Taubes first book, Good Calories, Bad Calories.  In Why We Get Fat, Taubes summarizes the newest scientific and medical findings on what makes people gain weight.  He also challenges the current paradigms surrounding weight gain; namely calories in-calories out.  This book completely blew my mind.  It refutes so many of the deeply held beliefs we have about weight gain and management - eating fat doesn't make you fat!?  If you've struggled with your weight or are just interested in leading a healthy life I highly suggest this book.  I've since purchased my own copy and keep it in my kitchen.  I re-read bits now and again.  Once you understand the science behind good calories and bad calories you'll never look at food in the same way.


likeschocolate said...

I read Hunger Games last year and loved it! I read a really good historical fiction about the wife of Tom Thumb. I loved it. Forget the title, but if you are interested check out my book shelf on my blOg.

Mama Llama said...

I just finished The Wild. http://www.amazon.com/Wild-Found-Pacific-Crest-Oprahs/dp/0307592731

It was so good, and I found it very inspiring. If I didn't have kids, I'd probably drop everything and go hike the PCT.

I also read every book I could get my hands on about Downton Abbey.

Emily Malate said...

I SO wish we would've talked about books during your visit - really wanting to get your feedback on all three books! Reading kind of a weird Amy Tan one right now.
Keep me posted on any good reads. xo

Lisa said...

I having been reading like crazy this summer and have probably read more books in the past 3 months than I have in the past 3 years. I seem to gravitate towards depressing deep novels but have read a bit of fluff.

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