Monday, August 6

The Weekend in Review

It was a hot, busy and super fun weekend over here.  We kicked it off with friends and a whole lot of pulled pork! (yes, it was a recipe from Pinterest)

Pulled Pork Slider

Saturday, the girls had a lemonade stand (something that was on their summer to-do list.)  I pulled massive amounts of weeds from our back yard and Bryce fetched and hauled 10 bags of compost for me.  After all the strenuous labor we relaxed in Bryce's grandma's pool! Thanks Lucy!  It was heavenly.  No pictures as I would have had to leave the pool to get my camera.  That just wasn't going to happen. 

Sunday saw a little more yard work, a little more lemonade standing, a nature scavenger hunt (thanks, Michele) some visiting and a bbq birthday party.
treasure treasure
smooth rock

A perfect balance of puttering around the house and  getting out.  I love weekends like that.  How was yours?


km said...

Our weekend involved finishing the demo of our master bath. Turns out that under the tile in the shower was lath and plaster...made for extra work. So glad it's done! On to the new.

likeschocolate said...

We had a great weekend! Glad to hear the weather has been great. Coming to Seattle on the 21st and I am praying I will have 5 days of no rain. The lady visit was a little cold for this southern girl. Hey, did you guys ever go to Luxemberg this summer?????

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