Thursday, September 27

Girl Time


My girls had an early dismissal from school yesterday so I surprised them with a date at the salon to get their nails painted.  They (the eldest mostly) have been hounding me to take them for months. 
Under the drying light
I was surprised to learn that many of their friends had been before.  Salon manicures at 6 or 7 or 8 years old?  Honestly, it seemed indulgent but on a deeper level I thought about how the lives and activities of children are becoming more and more adult.  The separation between child and adult is shrinking.  I'm not sure this is a good thing.  Our kids are growing up so fast and in many ways we're facilitating that. 
Nail Salon
In the end I decided I was reading too much into it.  That this was fun and girlie and maybe I should turn off my brain and stop analyzing everything so much.   What do you think?  Harmless fun?  Or something else.
Beautiful nails
We did have a good time.  A good time together.  It was a great shared experience.  The girls thanked me over and over and showed their nails to everyone they saw.  They were thrilled.  So right now, at this moment that is what I'm taking away from the experience.  And that feels just right.


Unknown said...

I struggle with this too. it's not actually the nail-painting that I have issues with, it's more the idea of taking them to the salon to have someone else do it. I think I had my first pedicure at 14!

The nail salon I use has kids as young as 3 or 4 coming in. I get that it's a cute bonding thing, and I know my own daughter would loooove it, but there's just a weirdness about it for me that I can't deal with. The same weirdness I felt when I saw a 10yo getting her hair highlighted at the fancy-ish salon I go to.

I think you're right, it's that line between kid and adult and where to draw it.

So I don't think you're overanalyzing, but I also think nail polish is super fun and it's a neat thing to do together :D

Anonymous said...

I am betting that it's not a matter of 'taking them in to get it done' as it is hauling the kids with them when the mom is getting HER nails done and they are along for the ride and she says "sure, get your nails painted too" (so she can fit in a pedicure while she's at it for herself).

katy said...

Anandi - Well put. I think we are feeling exactly the same way - we can see that it is fun but there is some unease about the larger implications.

Jenny - I agree! I got my toes done while the girls had their nails painted. It was a win-win.

Dana said...

IDK...In a way it's just harmless fun, no? I took my girl for the first time this summer with my sis and her was fun for all of us "girls" to be there together. I think a few bottles of paint at home would have been just as fun for my 8-year-old, bottles that could be used over and over again.

Lena said...

It sounds like a very special time! I too have struggled with this (thus have not done it yet), however, I think that the difference comes with doing it on a rare occasion for the fun and bonding, perhaps as a surprise vs. doing it on a regular basis where it becomes the norm and expectation that this is how we spend our time and money.

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