Friday, September 28

Still Pinning

I'm slowing down on trying out my pins but I'm still interested in actually doing them.  Here are 3 I've completed in the last 2 months.
Lemon Coffee Cake
Lemony Cream Butter Cake
Source: Blackjack Bake House
Notes: I made this as a dessert when some friends came to dinner but it really is more of a coffee cake.  It reminded me of the Entemenn's cream cheese coffee cake but with lemon.  To make it more dessert-y I added a raspberry sauce.  I thought the whole thing was really quite tasty. 

Lemon Melting Moments
Source: Itty Bitty Kitchen
Notes:  I made these to take to quilt club but with the suppressed intention of shoving them all in my mouth.  Which I did with the ones that didn't get eaten.  These cookies fall into a category of food that I really can't make because I will lose all control around.  Yep.  They are gooooood.  The measurements she gives for the filling are off, just start with the cup of powdered sugar and add lemon juice until you reach the desired consistency.  Make these if you dare -

The World's Best Chicken
Source: Rachel Schultz
Notes:  I'll try anything to give chicken some flavor.  This recipe definitely did.  However, for me it wasn't the world's best chicken.  It was more meh.

I'm up to 35 completed pins.  Not bad.  How are you doing? 


Emily said...

I made the world's best chicken and thought it was pretty good. I admittedly have low standards for my own cooking, though...

likeschocolate said...

The cake looks fantastic! I have a buttermilk cake in the oven right now. Can't wait for it to come out!

Dana said...

I think I'll try "Lemon Melting Moments" in my kitchen one day soon.

The best way we've discovered to give chicken flavor is to buy the local Italian chicken over what's available in our commissary. (And now, the local Italian chicken is available there, too.) It's just ... better. I have no idea of the reason... bc it's fresher? bc it is free of hormones? bc it's closer to the source? not sure! But we don't have to dress it up much and it's good :)

Monkey's Mama said...

You should write your notes on the pins on your completed pins board! I would love to know what you liked and didn't like all in one place. You know, if you find the time :)

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