Wednesday, October 24

3rd Grade Halloween Party

I'm the room parent for my 3rd grade daughter's class which means I'm in charge of planning both class parties - Halloween and Valentine's Day.  I have to say 3rd graders are a bit out of my wheel house.  Yes, I know I have one but I don't have a whole class full!  The highest grade I taught was 2nd, youngest Kindergarten.  I could plan a Kindergarten party with my eyes closed.  Needless to say in putting this party together I needed lots of hand holding from my 3rd grader.

Her teacher mentioned she liked a station format for parties where students rotate between activities.  With that in mind here are the stations I, er I mean we came up with:

Station 1:  Decorating sugar cookies.  Class party standard if you ask me.

Station 2: Spoooky Mad Libs.  Templates found here.

Station 3: Pumpkin estimation - how much does the pumpkin weigh?  What is it's circumference?  Hey,  a little math thrown into the party can't hurt.  This station will also have a beaded pumpkin ornament for kids to make.  Idea found here. Picture by Naturally Educational.
Source: via Ingri on Pinterest

Station 4: Potato print skeletons.  I was inspired by these darling shirts.  Kids will print onto black paper.  Will likely have some halved apples there too for pumpkin prints.

Are you planning a class party this year?  Any words of advice? 


Alexis said...

You have planned a great party! Looks like you have the boys and girls covered. Enjoy!

likeschocolate said...

Great job!

Dana said...

These things don't happen in my daughter's school for any holiday. A friend who also has her kids in an Italian elementary school misses that so much for them. I think it's safe to say she "mourns" its absence. Oddly, I do not. I often wonder what that says about me! (And conclude that it's not a good thing.)

I did use the die-cut machine at my school to make 25 orange pumpkins that my girl will decorate and stuff into Halloween ziplock bags along with odd American candies to distribute to her classmates and teachers. This will make them all very, very happy.

I bet the teacher loves you!

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