Thursday, October 25

Random Bits from the Interwebs

Here are a few bits that have caught my eye as of late ~
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// I'm not going to lie, I hate dressing up.  I'm talking about costumes.  I would rather clean a toilet than don a costume.  Truly.  The problem lies in the fact that Halloween is my oldest daughter's favorite holiday.  So I feel this weight of guilt for being such a hater.  Design Mom's video of costumes for the costume averse offers some great, easy and simple solutions.  My personal fav are the bug pins.

// I'm so tired of lists for women and moms that appear to be aimed at simplifying our lives but are really just another list of to-dos - carve out 15 minutes of me time, deep breathe, de-clutter, let go . . . the list goes on and on.  That is why this list of things that we really shouldn't do spoke to me. I also thought the list was written in a compassionate, realistic way.  Here is a list of  10 great Ways to be an Unhappy Mom spotted via Angry Chicken. 

// The art of Mia Christopher caught my eye.  She uses fingernail polish as her medium (among other things.)    It made me wonder if she is intentionally using a feminine art medium as a statement about women creating art.  Was she influenced feminist artist Miriam Schapiro? Schapiro's work was coined femmage as she created collages from typically female art forms - stitching, quilting, beading, glitter. Regardless of the statement, I love the color and playfulness of her work.

What about you? Leave a link to the great posts that have got you thinking. 


Scottish Lakes said...

Hi Katy!

I loved your blog today ( as I usually do)but I especially liked the 10 ways to be an unhappy mother. So thoughtful and well written.

Take care,

likeschocolate said...

The one year I dressed up I looked horrible! I dressed up as a vampire and the kids too except the thing is I can't rock black hair nor bangs. It was dreadful.

Dana said...

i bought a witch hat. it's a big step. thanks for sharing the little encouraging video.

Road Trippers said...

I think she uses finger nail polish as a way to get rid of it so she can rationalize getting new, fun colors. And I LOVE getting dressed up enough for the both of us, Katy. It's good there are all kinds of us because I need to bake the cookies. :)

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