Thursday, December 20

Gingerbread Line-up


The girls and I went Christmas cookie crazy this year.  So much so that I'm going to break my usual Christmas cookie line-up post into two.  Today is the gingerbread portion.  I did the cutting out and baking and my little helpers did (most of ) the decorating.  I cut out gingerbread men for the girls to decorate and went with a woodland theme for myself.  The woodland theme consisted of owls, trees, 2 sizes of mushrooms and some acorns.  I love decorating gingerbread.  I went crazy with the shimmering sugar this year. 

See for yourself:

Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Tree
Gingerbread Mushroom
Gingerbread Acorn
Gingerbread Mushroom
Gingerbread man


likeschocolate said...

Like the owls and the trees.

suddenly sahm said...


Emily Malate said...

Love the owls!! did one of your girls decorate the one with the big candy cane accessories?

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