Monday, December 10

Scenes from the Weekend

Martha's Christmas Quilt
The holidays are in full swing around here.  Saturday saw the annual holiday get together with my quilting group.  Seen here is a Christmas quilt completed by my friend Martha.  A fellow quilter brought this gorgeous apple pie.  Nearly too pretty to eat, don't you agree?

Sunday was a wonderful combination between relaxing and baking.  The girls and I made 3 different kinds of Christmas cookies.  

How was your weekend?


likeschocolate said...

We were busy making cookies just like you! I am just about to finish my Christmas quilt! Have a great week!

Lena said...

LOVE the picture of Eva reading... classic sweet Eva.

christie said...

I will be there soon and can't wait to partake of
it all. mom

Dana said...

I never have enough time lately. I can't quite figure out what has changed so much in my life that time has become an issue.
This is exactly the way I would like to spend a weekend...

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