Wednesday, June 17

Switzerland - Part lV

Here are some random pictures I took during our trip. Fun, fun fun!

Left to right:

1) Swiss license plate detail. Think the bear crest signifies the region we were in.
2) Swiss cat
3) Shutter detail
4) Pig sign out in front of a deli
5) Laederach - Swiss chocolate that is sold in those square sheets. Pieces are broken off and then weighed when you buy. Yes, we indulged.
6) Large garden gnomes seen in Gimmelwald. These guys were about 3 feet high.
7) Hilarious decal on the doggie poop bag dispenser
8) Charming carved wooden figures in a window box in Gimmelwald
9) How we spent our mornings . . .on the terrace, in front of the Eiger with coffee and maps
10) NOT from Switzerland, but from a stop in the Alsace region of France. Alsace is known for these storks.


Jessica said...

Chocolate and gnomes and Switzerland. Seriously, I'm going to need to be packed in your bag next time you go!!!

suddenly sahm said...

Do Swiss kitties speak French and eat chocolate?

katy said...

Mais Oui, JFTB!!

Road Trippers said...

Ha ha! It took me forever to figure out that poop bag dispenser. love it.

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