Tuesday, August 25

Eating Through Brussels

Waffles? But of course. Both Belgium and Liege were available. I think the consensus between us all was Liege was the way to go!

Frites? What, are you kidding me? With a little fork. In a paper cone. With a hot dog. For lunch we ate at this place that sold huge hot dogs with a pile of frites dumped on top of the bun. I asked Bryce to order it for lunch just so I could take a picture of it. No go. He didn't feel like a heart attack on a plate. Guess I can't blame him.

Chocolate? Um, Yes! Eva's treat of choice was a skewer of Strawberries dipped in Belgium Milk Chocolate.

We also tried some Australian Ice cream. Catherine suggested this when we went to Bastogne the first time. Unfortunately it was closed then. We couldn't pass it up this time in Belgium. I'll tell ya, it was the richest ice cream I have ever tried. You could almost taste the egg yolks. It was custard like. Pure decadence!

Not surprisingly I ran into a macaron shop. Can't remember the name and deleted the picture I took of the awning. Boo! Bought one for a euro. It was passion fruit and chocolate. A tasty combination but not nearly as fresh and delicate as the macs from Laduree.

La Cure Gourmande. The coolest artisan sweet shop. Caramels, lolly pops, bon bons, cookies. I bought a tin with a variety of treats in it. The store was as gorgeous as the candy.

What about you? Any food stories from Belgium?


Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Delicious Post! I always think of beer and chocolate...had way too much when I was backpacking through Belgium. Can't wait to get back.

jojoebi-designs said...

I think I have just put on 2kgs reading this post!

Michelle said...

Wow! Great pictures and amazing food. Love hearing about your life in Europe. Thanks for sharing!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

HA>>> we dont have that brand of icecream shop in Australia!! I wonder if it is Australian Icecream or if that is just a marketing gimmick.... I will say we do have nice icecream in Australia

poppyart said...

we'd booked into a well known, much lauded restaurant with in-laws and freddie when he was about 11 months old. just as we finished main, he soiled (tried to think of a better word) his nappy ... all through his cool stripy velour jumpsuit. i remember saying 'no. we HAVE to go!' and my in laws were very kind and took himeback to the hotel to clean him up. i looked back at ou time out guide and think it was called jacques. and loved mussels at the straightforward leon.

dv.x.3 said...

I can't believe he didn't try the friets! My husband's from Antwerp (we live in Seattle now, though), and his favorite frituur snack is by far frieten met stoofvleessaus, fries with a big helping of rich beef stew and a huge dollop of mayo.

And then there are the vleeskroketten (long lovely bundles of gravy, breaded and deep fried, and served with mustard). Next time you're in Belgium, I say, INDULGE!

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