Wednesday, August 26

My Sister Had a Food Moment

Ya know, one of those times when all the flavors, textures and smells of what you're eating come together for one big happy party in your mouth? Well, she had one and it was here in Luxembourg at a neighborhood Italian restaurant. She ordered a tomato and buffalo mozzarella bruschetta starter. Something so simple, but apparently so powerfully delicious. I did try it and it was good. But it wasn't my party to crash.

Emily swears there were 2 key factors to this dish - salt and buffalo mozzarella. Do you know about buffalo mozzarella? It is a fresh mozzarella made from the milk of a water buffalo. Yum. It sounds way better in Italian - mozzarella di bufala. It is softer, creamier and richer than regular fresh mozzarella.

I recreated this dish at home. It was really quite easy. After a few tries I got it so it is, indeed, party worthy. But, really, how could you go wrong with this list of ingredients?

Mouth Party Bruschetta

Yield: 1 meal or a starter for 2 people

Rustic bread, sliced about 3/4th of an inch thick. If you have a rustic baguette cut 3 slices.
1 tomato, chopped
2-3 generous pinches of dried oregano
1 clove of garlic, peeled
1oo grams of buffalo mozzarella (1 ball)
Handful of Arugula (Rocket)
Olive Oil

1. Coarsely chop tomato, place in bowl. Mix in oregano and a heavy sprinkle of salt. Set aside.

2. Drizzle bread slices with olive oil. Bake until crisp at a 400 degree oven, about 5 minutes.

3. Gently rub the peeled garlic clove over the toasted bread slices. Use a light hand. Don't go crazy or all you'll taste is garlic. Discard remaining garlic clove.

4. Put bread on a serving plate. Scatter tomato pieces over the top, use a bit of the juice.

5. Coarsely chop the mozzarella and scatter over the tomato and bread. Salt.

6. Place hearty wad of arugula on top. Drizzle with a bit of olive oil.

7. Eat with a knife and fork.

This dish is best served at room temperature. Actually, I recommend letting each refrigerated ingredient come to room temp before assembling.

The picture of Emily was taken on her last day here. Naturally she wanted to go back to that restaurant to relive the dream.

Have you had a Food Moment? Ooooo, please tell!


Jason H said...

I have indeed had a few food moments. Most of them were a result of the wife's baking, but a little restaurant in Columbia, SC called Gervais & Vine had some of the most amazing Prince Edward Island Mussels. The sauce really set the dish. It was made with real butter, and lots of it.

There was also the entire five course meal at Le Crystal de la Montagne in Montreal. Each course of the perfect size, paired with the proper beverage. Each course made to order. The foi gras, the beet salad, the creme bruelee, all was so good I didn't want the night to end.

Emily Malate said...

I think the fruity olive oil makes a difference too. Your entry made my mouth water!! You forgot to mention the satisfying chaser - spinach ravioli with butter sage sauce. Yum! how did you enjoy the left overs?

christie said...

I have the most perfect tomatoes in
the garden and also losts of fresh oregano...
and one remaing ball of buffalo mozzarella
and guess what's up for
lunch. mom
I forgot about the butter sage thing...I have
luscious sage too....maybe later in the week.

Road Trippers said...

I had NO idea buffalo meant "from a water buffalo" Holy cow. I always thought it had to do with its jumbo size (although I've bought the smaller balls, too). YUM is all I have to say...

Dana said...

You absolutely, positively, undoubtedly MUST taste the mozarella at its source in the Naples area. The other stuff we get in no way compares. Really. . . even in Northern Italy it is very rare to find it fresh, fresh, fresh. Then, my dear, you will experience a food party in your mouth. In fact, you won't want to eat it with any other things -- it is a party all its own.
My neighbors just took a road trip to Naples . . . I hope they return baring gifts.
If you ever go. . . you MUST eat it.

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