Friday, August 21

Ghent by Boat

Yup, almost immediately after our carriage ride we headed over to the canals to take a boat tour. After our experience in Amsterdam, we were careful to book on a boat without a roof. We found that a roof hinders the view and, well, just doesn't feel as boat-like.

Our guide gave the tour in Flemish and French. Luckily we were given a sheet of pictures with explanations in English of the important sites.

Buildings along the canal. Very Dutch.

The canal was lined with flower boxes. It was beautiful!

Ghent's Castle - The Castle of the Count. Eva really wanted to go inside but it is now being used as a museum of weaponry - not a topic we'd choose for ourselves or our 5 year old.

The tops of many of the buildings had gold statues on the highest point of the roof facade. The one I tried to photograph is a ship.

My BIL snapping a pic.

A view of the canal from the street.

Let's see, so far we've traveled by car, tram, horse carriage and boat. I'm sure you can figure out what's next!

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