Thursday, August 20

Ghent by Horse Carriage

I'm so very backlogged with cool things to share with you I was tempted to make one pictorial summary of our trip to Belgium. But then I looked at the pictures. We simply enjoyed ourselves way too much to strip our stay in Belgium down to one quick post. So, I'm doing it properly. Well, sorta anyway.

A colleague of Bryce's recommended Ghent as a beautiful, friendly city and close (only 2.5 hours from Lux City) weekend get away. We found it to be all of those things. Within minutes of walking into the city an older gentleman, dressed in an elegant suit, offered to help me locate where we were on the map.

Here is a tiny bit of background info about Ghent: Ghent (Gent in Dutch) is located in the Flemish region of Belgium, up in the north just 30 minutes south of Bruge. The Flemish people of Belgium are also called The Flemings and speak Dutch. The Flemish Community is represented by a yellow shield with a black lion bearing red claws on it.

Our visit in Ghent ended up incorporating almost every means of transporatation. I'll take you through our visit via our modes of transit.


After driving to Ghent by car we headed into the city center by tram. Once there we decided to take a horse carriage ride. Eva had been wanting to take a carriage ride since our trip to Rome. We thought it would be a relaxing yet fun way to see a bit of the city. At 25,00 euros for a 30-40 minute ride it seemed like just the thing to do.

Our driver's name was Annabel. Annabel gave us little bits of history and trivia along the way. She also pointed out important buildings. The commentary was perfect, not too much to be distracting but enough to give us a bit of education.

Touristy? Yes. But it truly was a pleasant way to see the city. Especially great for kids.

Our horse's name was Mumbo.

Any guesses as to our next mode of transportation?


MichaleenFlynn said...

Looks like a lovely time!

GORGEOUS horse, too!

s.i. michaels said...

Such beautiful pictures! & really making me wish I was there!

Emily Malate said...

We have a great photo of your whole family on the ride that Jeff snapped when you passed us! Wish I could post it here for you!! we finally got back this morning, after a terrible delay in Newark. We ended up having to stay overnight in Honolulu. Ugh. Miss you.

Road Trippers said...

We always splurge on carriage rides because it is the BEST way to get around with kids.

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