Friday, August 28

Trier (It's in Germany)

The last day trip we took before Emily and Jeff headed home was to Trier, Germany. Settled along the Moselle River, Trier bills itself as Germany's oldest city. Although we'd been to Trier several times - Christmas Market, circus and fabric fair - we have never explored the city. Now I'm wondering what took us so long.

Trier is a beautiful city with much to see. It has several Roman structures, beautiful cathedrals, a "Palace," beautiful gardens, museums, and a great pedestrian walking zone. It is only 45 minutes away from Luxembourg City!

We started at the Palace of Trier, mostly enjoying the beautiful garden in front of it.

We walked to the Amphitheater, one of the Roman structures Trier is known for. It was a long (for kids) HOT walk. Honestly the Amphitheater didn't do that much for us. Maybe it was the heat. We did enjoy sitting in it's courtyard sharing enormous bottles of Fanta that we bought for only 80 cents. I think the Roman Baths would have been a better choice that day.

Next we toured the Cathedral of St. Peter. It was magnificent. The courtyard outside was glorious as well. Emily had the girls pose by some beautiful old doors a couple times. After that Audrey wanted her picture in front of every door we passed.

Our last stop was the pedestrian zone. We ate pretzels (called bretzels here) bought postcards and ended the day with gelato.

If you're planning a trip to this part of Europe I highly recommend a stop in Trier.


Leslie said...

what a beautiful place...but those spiders are really creepy.

Emily Malate said...

My favorite Trier moments:
Mullet Man that Jeff took a photo of for me.
Drinking 80 cent Fantas
Playing the shade hopping game with Audie
waffle ice cream cone with strawberries (heaven!)

Your spider pic turned out so well. I can't wait for Jeff to see a REAL coleseum one day, if we ever get to Italy where the bufalo mozzerella is plentiful! xoxo what a great trip with you and the grrls.

Lena said...

That pic of the girls with Eva's arms around Audrey in front of the door is to die for! Absolutely precious and very cool looking.

Road Trippers said...

Piper stared at these pictures for the longest time and finally announced. "Eva's favorite color is pink and Audrey's favorite color is red." I said, "How do you know that?" She replied, "Mo-om, did you look at their Crocs?"

Erin M. said...

We missed the palace... bummer, as it looks beautiful! Love the matching dresses on the girls.

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